Wanderers & Wonderers

Kari and Bal spent their 20’s wandering the world both together and individually. Kari traveled Asia and South America, Bal Southeast Asia and together they visited Central America, Scotland, Fiji and more.

Our 30’s brought a mortgage, kids and a one income lifestyle so while the wanders slowed, now we had our kids around to reintroduce the value of wonder. We appreciated that we needn’t go far to see the awe in the everyday- bug discoveries, tree climbing,  rainbow cheers and puddles splashes delight our days.

Kari (that’s me) grew into motherhood by taking herself and the kids outside more often than not. Intrinsically I sensed that I was my best self, best mother, best person when I had a healthy dose of nature time in my days. A day indoors brought about anxieties and annoyance and as my kids grew, I noticed they fought more, zoned out on electronics and were grumpier the more indoor time we had. Ironically, we have found venturing wildly through the wide open space of nature keeps us closer and more connected as a family. So it is, we spend as much time as we can exploring outdoors!

2017/18 Cross Canada Wander/Wonder Adventure!

Oh my goodness friends, in a blink my kids are 10 and 7 and in another blink they will be 20 and 17. I can’t even…

Bal and I have been wanting to cross Canada together since long before children and even more so when they came along. In the past year it occurred to us that if we want that to become reality, we’d better act now or the opportunity will be gone. A blink I tell you.

As such, we’re taking the next school year to do just that! Occasionally I wonder if we’re crazy but mostly I celebrate living without regret. Yup, we’re going for it.

So far, my French Immersion kids are insisting we spend a lot of time in Quebec and go to Carnaval. Bal dreams of mountain biking Newfoundland. I’m looking forward to reading Anne of Green Gables with my girls and visiting PEI. We have stretch dreams too, seeing the Northern Lights in the NWT and polar bears in Churchill for example. Northern journeys may have to wait for a future trip but we’re leaving everything open and on the table at this point!

So it is that we’re combining our love of wandering with our kids ability to wonder at the world around. Bonus that we can explore Canada during her 150th year celebrations! As such, we’re building a wish list of 150 Canadian Activities to enjoy. We’d love to hear your favourite things!


Purging the house, jotting down wishes, telling family, questioning our sanity


Compiling homeschooling ideas, perusing Maritime rentals, making this blog active, sharing with all, getting ideas, pinning our Canada map,


PURGE the house. Spring clean indeed! Find renters.


Kind of in denial. Busy with wrapping up school, activities and jobs!


Packing up boxes, cleaning our house, scrambling to find last minute renters as our confirmed one bailed. Akkkkk!!! All while saying our goodbyes 🙁


We did it! We’re on the road. We are doing this thing!

Clearwater-Revelstoke-Radium-Banff-Montana-Waterton-Drumheller-Grasslands-Winnipeg-Kenora-ThunderBay-Lake Superior-Sault-St-Marie


A month in Montreal


Tadoussac, Gaspé, Chandler, Miramichi, Moncton, New Glasgow, Cape Breton, Truro, Halifax

Nov-Jan 2018

Apartment in Halifax and exploring Nova Scotia

Feb onward-

Stay tuned!

~ Kari